Congratulations on successfully creating your Employee Onboarding account! You've taken the first crucial steps toward streamlining your team's onboarding process. I'm sure you are now asking, what do I do next? Use this guide to get started using your account and get those new team members onboarded as smoothly and swiftly as possible. If you aren't hiring just yet, go ahead and use this guide to play around in your account so you are fully prepared when it comes time to grow your team. 

Let's start by adding your team members to your Employee Onboarding account. That in itself poses the question, what should their role be in the Employee Onboarding platform? Are they an Admin or are they an Employee? Learn more about the differences between the two here. And then take a look at the links below to learn how to get those individuals added, as well as how to manage your team afterwards. 

Now let's move on to setting up a Workflow to onboard your new hires. There are two fundamental components that make up the Workflow. Those are Tasks and Steps. What's the difference in a task, a step, and a workflow? Don't worry, we knew you were going to ask that so we've gotten them explained below.  

  • Task- An actionable unit within each Step. They represent specific actions that need to be performed to complete the Step. 
  • Step - The building blocks of a workflow. They represent individual stages of actions within a process. A Step is made of one or more Tasks.
  • Workflow - A structured way to organize and automate processes. They consist of two fundamental components: Steps and Tasks.

Templates are your best friend here. They are going to save you significant time (and headaches!) when getting ready to onboard a new team member. Complete each process below in the order they are listed to create a workflow that can be utilized when onboarding your new hire.  

Now that you've gotten your Workflow template created, give it a test run by initiating the Workflow on a new hire (or a test candidate if you aren't ready to hire just yet but still want to practice!).

Whether you're actively hiring or preparing for future growth, this guide equips you with the essential tools to add and manage team members effectively. Understanding the nuances between Admins and Employees, as well as mastering the creation and execution of Workflows using Tasks, Steps, and Templates, will undoubtedly contribute to a seamless onboarding experience.

If you run into an snags or have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for assistance!